Photos of Carla Bruni and Spanish Princess Letizia

Enchanté? Carla Bruni Meets Her Match in Spain

It's no secret we're obsessed with all things French at TrèsSugar, and France's first lady, Carla Bruni, is no exception. But while she may be our favorite, the Daily Mail claims she was bested yesterday by Princess Letizia of Spain in style and beauty.

Carla accompanied President Nicolas Sarkozy to Spain to placate rumors that Spanish tempers ran high after a gaffe-y Sarkozy said Spanish Premier Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero was "not very smart." What better way to reach peace than to bring two beautiful faces from each country together?

I will insert an obligatory line about how both women are beautiful in their own right because, well, they are, but that takes me away from a problem I want to discuss. Beautiful women — Michelle Obama, Carla Bruni, and now Princess Letizia — are used to distract us from the political issues at hand. You know, like how President Sarkozy said something mean about the Spanish premier. Mon dieu!

Anyway, since the Daily Mail started it, I am going to finish. With a superior integration of the beauty-pageant-like sash and fortunate absence of a tiara, Carla reigns.