The Funny Business of Online Dating

Jan 5 2014 - 5:00am

If you're looking for love online (and these days, is there any form of dating that's not online?), you know that half the fun is laughing with your friends about the crazy dates, horrific profiles, and other pitfalls of online dating. There are the little white lies slipped into profiles, photos from decades ago, and those dreaded moments when computer chemistry doesn't translate to real-world chemistry. We've rounded up the most chuckle-worthy Someecards [1] on online dating truths to share with your fellow online daters — or even new boyfriend — so you can remember it's OK to not take your love life too seriously all the time!

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Your username is making me hesitant to flirt with you. [3]

Source: Someecards [4]

You're only as old as the age you have listed in your online dating profile. [5]

Source: Someecards [6]

The fact that you failed to spell check your online dating profile gives me serious doubts about your attention to detail in bed. [7]

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I wish I was remotely like the person in my dating profile. [9]

Source: Someecards [10]

I am sorry I did not respond back to your online dating message. You are my second choice. So, Hang in there. [11]

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I'd temporarily deactivate my dating site profile for you. [13]

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You'd have a better chance of being shirtless in a woman's bedroom if you weren't shirtless in every online photo. [15]

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Congratulations on choosing a profile picture that doesn't qualify as softcore porn. [17]

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I'm looking to meet someone whose profile pictures are from this century. [19]

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Online dating is just a way to be rejected more efficiently. [21]

Source: Someecards [22]

Based on the content of your online dating profile, I am guessing literacy is not one of the characteristics we share. [23]

Source: Someecards [24]

I thought online dating would eventually lead to offline dating. [25]

Source: Someecards [26]

I wish Obama would impose stricter background checks on people who lie about their height and weight on dating sites. [27]

Source: Someecards [28]

Sorry you've reached an age where guys the same age stop contacting you on dating sites. [29]

Source: Someecards [30]

Let's meet offline to lower the odds of me being turned off by your shoddy grammar and punctuation. [31]

Source: Someecards [32]

Getting a man to deactivate his dating profile is the new marriage. [33]

Source: Someecards [34]

Let's take this relationship back online. [35]

Source: Someecards [36]

I look great in my online dating profile pictures because they were taken when I didn't need online dating to meet people. [37]

Source: Someecards [38]

If I someday finish the oppressively comprehensive eHarmony questionnaire, I hope it pairs me with someone like you. [39]

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I'm afraid my dating site profile will be seen by people on a dating site. [41]

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I look forward to being the guy cropped out of your next online dating profile picture. [43]

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Welcome to the birthday that ages you out of the dating site searches of 30-year-old men. [45]

Source: Someecards [46]

I worry my soulmate is on a different dating site. [47]

Source: Someecards [48]

I don't know if going on an actual date would be as fun as continually checking my phone to see if anyone wants to date me. [49]

Source: Someecards [50]

I will give oral sex to the first person on my dating site who doesn't postpone the first date. [51]

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