One Moment in Time: Timeline of McCain's Life vs. Obama's

One Moment in Time: Timeline of McCain's Life vs. Obama's

The year is 1967. John McCain is promoted to lieutenant commander in the Navy and deploys to Vietnam, where he's shot down by a North Vietnamese missile. What was Barack Obama up to? He was surprisingly close, at least geographically. That's the year the 8-year-old tike moved with his mother and stepfather to Indonesia. By 1987, Obama had moved to Chicago and met Reverend Wright, while McCain was a year into his first term in the US Senate, leading up to his work on issues like the bipartisan McCain-Feingold Act passing in 2001, the year Sasha Obama was born.

Want to see the candidate's lives line up side-by-side in a timeline of event that leads them to the present, where we find them both vying to be "all that they thought they could be?" The New York Times has an interactive feature that lets you click through each candidate's life, complete with pictures, video, and links to Times coverage. The timelines are current up through key events this year, and besides letting you compare the two, it's got some groovy pictures of Obama in his college years and a striking pic of McCain graduating from the Naval Academy.

How do you think their lives match up?