One Billion Rising V-Day Event Pictures

One Billion Rise Up to Fight Violence Against Women

One Billion Rise Up to Fight Violence Against Women

On Valentine's Day, women around the world rallied, danced, protested, flash mobbed, and spoke out in a global day of action to end violence against women. The worldwide campaigns were instigated by One Billion Rising, an organization that hopes to stop abuse against women. The name refers to the one billion women who have survived abuse and the number of women the organization asks to support them. The worldwide event — called V-Day — celebrated its 15th anniversary yesterday and urges our gender to "walk out, dance, rise up, and demand an end to this violence."

Famous women like Rosario Dawson, Anne Hathaway, Thandie Newton, Marisa Tomei, Jane Fonda, and Glenn Close attended V-Day events in cities that included London, Hollywood, and New York, while women young and old took to the streets of India, China, Bangladesh, Mexico, Poland, and other countries to stand up for the cause. See the beautiful, joyous photos of this important international campaign now!

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