Obama and Family "Cause Commotion" in Hawaii

Obama and Family "Cause Commotion" in Hawaii

Barack Obama took his daughters and some friends out to the mall in Hawaii this past weekend, and according to Reuters, "caused a commotion" with lookers-on and photographers. The president-elect, his trusty BlackBerry, his daughters, Malia, 10, and, Sasha, 7, and friends sat and snacked at a table while a crowd and Secret Service agents assembled around them. It's a scene that comes as no surprise to the 71 percent of CitizenSugar readers who say so long as people want to see the pictures, there will be paparazzi and buzz wherever the Obamas go. Here's more:

The agents struggled to hold back people trying to get closer to snap pictures of Obama eating a tuna and melted cheese sandwich and the girls enjoying shave ices, a local treat made from finely shaved ice and fruit syrup.

In recent interviews, such as his 60 Minutes special, Obama said he is dedicated to maintaining some normalcy for his daughters. At this point we expect to stay dialed in to what the Obamas are up to, but do you think the intense fascination will stay as fervent post the Inauguration?