Nicole Kidman on Time Apart in Marriage

Does Absence Make the Heart Grow Fonder or Just Distant?

I'm big on alone time, so I've always supported time apart in a relationship. I can even see the perks of having a husband who travels for a living — maybe a pilot?

But just yesterday we were reminded how hard long-distance relationships can be when we found out that Amanda Seyfried and boyfriend Dominic Cooper had split . . . for now. Earlier this month, Amanda spoke about how much work LDRs take, and we can only imagine that distance took its toll.

Nicole Kidman, while not in a long-distance relationship with husband Keith Urban, knows this, and she told the AP that they never spend more than three days apart. But considering she's an actress and he's a country singer, staying a few days near must be a hard promise to keep.

So long-distance relationships aside, are a few days or weeks apart good for romance or bad for relationships?

Source: Getty