New Year's Resolutions vs. Reality

Mar 20 2014 - 2:30pm

Remember all those New Year's resolutions you made [1] in January? It's the first day of Spring and by now they may be a distant memory. But hey, no one's judging — especially since everyone else is probably in the same boat. Here's what those promises look like right about now. . . . Are we right, or are we right?

Source: Sony Pictures [2]

Resolution: Read More

Reality: Too Many Netflix Shows to Watch

Resolution: Save More

Source: Bravo [3]

Reality: Haven't Checked My Bank Statement in Weeks

Resolution: Drink Less

Source: LaFace Records [4]

Reality: Sober Is Boring

Resolution: Do More Good Deeds

Reality: Too Hungover to Function

Resolution: Gossip Less

Reality: Didn't Even Try

Resolution: Travel More

Reality: Blew Travel Savings on Shopping

Resolution: Have More Sex With Your S.O.

Reality: Maybe Tomorrow?

Source: Bravo [5]

Resolution: Get Organized

Reality: Haven't Done Laundry in Weeks

Resolution: Work Out More, and Eat Better

Source: Bravo [6]

Reality: Been to the Gym 5 Times

Resolution: Make More of an Effort to Online Date

Reality: Would Rather Get Drinks With the Girls

Resolution: Act More Mature

Reality: What's My Age Again?

Resolution: Handwrite More Letters

Reality: K.I.T. by Scrolling Instagram

Resolution: Make New Friends

Reality: Too Much Effort

Resolution: Call the Parents More

Source: Miramax [7]

Reality: Lots of Missed Calls From Dad

Resolution: Go on a Technology Diet

Reality: LOL

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