NYC Bans Cars for (Salsa) Dancing in the Streets?

New York City shut down seven miles of city streets for six hours on Saturday, opening roads from the Brooklyn Bridge to Park Avenue for pedestrians only. New Yorkers and tourists alike took up tai chi or salsa dancing right in the middle of the street! The Summer Streets program will happen again over the next two weekends. Other city dwellers around the world enjoy a day of recreation in the street, too, as places like Guadalajara, Mexico, Bogotá , Colombia, and Paris have instituted days without cars for some time now.

San Francisco plans to do something similar at the end of the month, by shutting down car access and setting up aerobics, yoga, and hula hooping attractions. Merchants and business owners at San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf call the plan a disaster, complaining that closing the waterfront to cars will cut off access to their businesses. But, after a dust up with some city lawmakers, SF Mayor Newsom's plan got approved. Who knew pedestrians could be so political? Would you like to enjoy some Summer Streets in your city?