It's My Party

It's My Party

Dear Sugar
I'm getting married this summer and my husband and I want a very small wedding party; only two people on each side. My future sister in law is upset that she and her husband are not included. She has never been that close with my fiance, despite what she says, and neither one of us is expecially fond of her husband.

I thought that asking her son to be our ring bearer would make her happy, but she is still complaining that her entire family isn’t in the wedding party and she thinks that it's wrong and she tells me that they feel left out. Is it awful to not have the groom's sister in our wedding? Bride to be Bee

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Dear Bride to be Bee
Congratulations on the big day! It sounds like you have been crystal clear about your wishes to have an intimate wedding party, so you should not feel badly about your decision. Oftentimes, family members feel left out, hurt or unloved if they don’t have a part in the wedding festivities, so let her know she shouldn't take it personally.

One way to include family and special friends without expanding your wedding party is to ask them to recite a poem, a prayer, or even request their help in passing out programs to your guests before the ceremony begins. Including your sister in law's son is a great way to represent her family, so hopefully she will understand and respect your decision and leave her hurt feelings at the door.