Musicians Who Date Models

Love Rocks: Musician-Model Couples

Love Rocks: Musician-Model Couples

New York Fashion Week kick started the fashionable season of runway showings in the US, London, Paris, and beyond. There are always famous faces in the crowds and front rows of Fashion Week, as the worlds of celebrity and style are often intermixed, especially when it comes to models and musicians. Couples like sultry crooner John Legend and his fiancée, model Chrissy Teigen, are just one of the many famous twosomes we hope to spot at both Fashion Week and at this weekend's Grammy Awards. Sometimes these powerhouse pairs meet at music festivals, while working on music videos, or just attending the same cool and beautiful people parties. But whatever the case is, there's something about the magnetic attraction between guys who can work the stage and women who can work the runway. So whether they've been married for years or had a short-lived fling, see some of the most famous musician-model couplings to date!

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