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12 Ways to Get a Craigslist Missed Connection

12 Ways to Get a Craigslist Missed Connection

If you spent Valentine's Day on your own or out with girlfriends, you may be scouring your local Craigslist Missed Connections today for a fellow single guy who caught your eye on the romantic holiday. These online personals range from funny to creepy to sweet, but who can resist the thought of finding love in such an unlikely way? Sure, cheesy or awkward Missed Connections can be fun to laugh at, but they can also be a fascinating way to look at modern dating habits. Brooklyn artist Sophie Blackall has even turned Missed Connections into art, becoming an expert on the ads along the way. And numerous studies across the US have been done on these Craigslist ads, deciphering where, how, and why they happen. So if you're hoping to see a Missed Connections with your name on it, check out these tips we've gleaned from the experts on how to make it happen!


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