McDonald's Workers Encouraged to Blog

Dish! Help Us Finish This McDonald's Blog!

This is one of the worst ideas I've heard in a long time: McDonald's is encouraging its workers to blog. (Cuz they have soooo much time during their busy, minimum wage-earning days to help McD's brand themselves as the caring fast food joint.) In any case, BellaSugar and I had some fun today imagining what a McDonald's blog would sound like. After you read some of our McMusings, add your own McBlog in the comments below!

    3/10/08. 9:38 pm. Today I fried 4,000 Chicken McNuggets, 50 more than my Nugget-per-shift quota. This has made me eligible for a free bathroom break per shift!!! I am BEYOND excited. If all continues on this trajectory, I may get a 20 cent/hour raise in six months and/or maybe — just maybe —I will be promoted from grill de-greaser to coveted hashbrown grease trap cleaner. Honestly, though, if one more person asks me for a coffee stirrer coke spoon, I'm gonna lose it. We haven't had those in years, people!! And no, I don't have time to get you extra Horsey sauce (Arby's, FYI!) — I gotta write this damn blog!