Marc Quinn Exhibit Features Sculptures of Pamela Anderson, Thomas Beatie, Michael Jackson

Picture It: Extreme Bodies of Work

Sculptor Marc Quinn, famous for immortalizing Kate Moss in bronze, births a new exhibit in London on Friday. Entitled "Allanah, Buck, Catman, Chelsea, Michael, Pamela and Thomas," the show examines extreme body transformations.

Bronze, silver, and marble sculptures depict pregnant man Thomas Beatie, Pamela Anderson, Michael Jackson, and Allanah Starr, a transgendered porn actress with a highly feminine figure and male genitalia. According to the White Cube gallery write-up, Quinn is fascinated by "the public's obsession with the body . . . and how this obsession has led some people to alter their bodies in increasingly extreme ways." You know you want to see more, so read more.

Source: WireImage