Marc Jacobs Doesn't Find Clothes Sexy

10 Hints Marc Jacobs Never Found Clothes Sexy

Marc Jacobs Doesn't Find Clothes Sexy

Last night at the French Institute Alliance Francaise Fashion Talks Series, Marc Jacobs said he never found clothes sexy. At all. "I find people sexy, and I find personalities fascinating and sexy and appealing and charming," he said. "So a sexy girl wrapped in a sheet is a sexy girl, and an unsexy girl in a low-cut dress is still an unsexy girl."

Yet, while models may do the walking on runways, the clothes do the talking. I went through hundreds of Marc Jacobs looks to find his unsexiest creations. To be fair, it was hard! He consistently puts out some of the most wearable-looking clothing. But sometimes when you wrap a sexy girl in a fanny pack, you'll find an unsexy outfit.

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