Mad Men 1968

A Mad Men World: What Went Down in 1968

A Mad Men World: What Went Down in 1968

This week's episode of Mad Men ends with Pete Campbell's dementia-suffering mother waking him up to tell him that "they shot that poor Kennedy boy." Pete rolls back over, thinking his mother is having a flashback to JFK's 1963 assassination. But in fact it is June 5, 1968, and Bobby Kennedy has just been shot at LA's Ambassador Hotel, as we see when Megan Draper sits glued to the graphic TV footage.

RFK's assassination is just one historic event referenced this season — and even this week — on Mad Men. Earlier in this week's episode, we hear the Draper neighbors Dr. Arnold and Sylvia Rosen argue about their son, who is in Paris in the midst of violent student riots. And already, this season has dealt with the Vietnam War and the death of Martin Luther King Jr.

The season-six premiere of Mad Men found Don Draper ringing in 1968 in bed with his neighbor's wife, Roger Sterling mourning the death of his mother, and Betty Draper showing off a darker side. And we suspected that the inevitable upheaval in the characters' personal lives would also be set against a very tumultuous year. And so far, it is. Take a look at the major political and pop culture moments of 1968 that will help you spot the references this season.