Louvre Pyramid Turns 20, Proving Change Is a Beautiful Thing

Sometimes it's hard to accept change — especially for the French. In a country and city that thrives on its traditions the Louvre's decision to clutter up the classic Parisian palace-turned-museum with a giant pyramid was met with much skepticism and contempt.
Twenty years ago, critics called the out of place architectural addition a sacrilegious "gigantic gadget." But today, many Parisians love it, and the director of the Louvre told NPR that visitors give three reasons for visiting the Louvre: "For the Mona Lisa, for the Venus [de] Milo, and for the pyramid." I know I've taken my photo outside the "glass heart" of Paris, and the juxtaposition of the clean pyramid with the more traditional stone architecture truly makes for original imagery. Check out some très impressive photos of the pyramid and tell me in the comments whether you approve of updating historical sites with modern features.

Source: Getty