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Live From New York — It's John McCain!

Live From New York — It's John McCain!

With only days to go until election day, John McCain did what he could to get the SNL bump. While Barack Obama paid millions to appear on major networks during primetime last Wednesday, John McCain and Tina Fey, as Sarah Palin of course, opened Saturday Night Live by hosting a QVC sketch. The original maverick pitched pork knives (to cut the pork) and (blank) commemorative plates to help customers remember the 10 joint town-hall debates Barack Obama did not attend.

McCain came back later during Weekend Update, receiving a mixed reaction from the audience. Were the free sketches worth more than the Obama infomercial, or did it all just make a joke of the campaign too close to voting? Check out the shopping channel appearance — there's even a Heidi Montag shout-out, and a surprise guest!


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