Kennedy Vanity Fair Covers

Vanity Fair's (and America's) Enduring Love For the Kennedys

Kennedy Vanity Fair Covers

With young and beautiful British royals capturing the attention of the world, you might think Vanity Fair would finally take a break from America's royalty: the Kennedys. Don't hold your breath. Since 2003, about one-third of VF issues have contained at least one piece written about a Kennedy, written by a Kennedy, or mentioning a Kennedy at least seven times, and Angelina Jolie is the only cover star who can consistently outsell the famous family. Judging by that math, and the constant stream of Kennedy miniseries, there's little doubt the iconic 20th-century family has maintained its superstar status into this millennium. I decided to take a look back at past Kennedy Vanity Fair covers. Check them out now with my slideshow.


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