Katy Perry at Obama Rally in Vegas

Katy Perry Celebrates Birthday in Latex Obama Dress

Katy Perry Celebrates Birthday in Latex Obama Dress

Katy Perry turns 28 today, and the pop princess kicked off her celebrations by performing at an Obama campaign rally last night in Las Vegas! Never one to shy away from extreme performance attire, Katy donned two outfits for the show: a white latex minidress styled after an election ballot (with the Obama/Biden ticket checked, of course) and a skirt suit in democratic blue paired with a torch mic borrowed from the Statue of Liberty. This isn't the first time she's used her clothing to make a political statement. In 2008, she hosted the MTV Europe Music Awards wearing a sequined dress with Obama's face on it, and she recently tweeted a picture of her Obama-themed nail art.

The president clearly appreciates the support; he quoted one of Katy's songs at the rally when he mentioned how he was pulling an all-nighter. He told the crowds, "If you're not going to sleep, 'you might as well be in Vegas.'" The other highlight was when Katy's 91-year-old grandma gave Obama a kiss on the cheek and the president joked that he'll have to wipe off the lipstick before Michelle Obama sees it. Katy tweeted her excitement about Obama's comments: "So tonight was a great night! The PRESIDENT gave grandma and I unforgettable shout outs & now I am officially 28! Best. birthday. ever." See pictures from the rally now!

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