Kate Middleton, Prince William, and Royals Visit Riot Victims

Britain's Royals Show Some Love For Riot Victims and Responders

Britain's Royals Show Some Love For Riot Victims and Responders

Prince William and Kate Middleton became the latest UK royals to meet with citizens impacted by this month's riots across England. Dressed in an Alexander McQueen ensemble, Kate told responders from Birmingham that she and William watched in disbelief from home: "Looking at all the young people out and about on the streets, we couldn't believe it was happening in Britain."

Yesterday, a solo Prince Harry stopped by ambulance headquarters in Salford, England, and exchanged a few smiles and handshakes with emergency service crew members. The prince is set to bring his charm to California soon, where Harry will complete helicopter training courses. Good news for California girls: Harry is officially single.

On Wednesday, Britain's future king Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla, met with Tottenham, London, residents who lost their homes or businesses during the riots. Looking like quite a modern royal, Charles wasn't afraid to get touchy feely with the people he met, accepting at least one tight, big hug. While the royal visits seemed to lift some spirits, others were not impressed. One local youth worker told the Guardian: "Everyone knows the royals have no power. They couldn't give a monkeys if royals were here." Even so, check out pictures of William, Kate, Harry, and more fulfilling their royal duty and spending time with those most impacted.

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