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Karlie Kloss: What It's Like to Go Between High Fashion and High School

Karlie poses in St. Louis before heading out for Paris couture week. Of high school, she said, "I didn't want to miss out on it; I made sure I was soaking up every minute of that while I still had it."

Gabrielle Revere/LIFE.com

Model Karlie Kloss wore a Dior dress to her prom back in St. Louis, MO. The 19-year-old is an established star in the modeling world, but until she graduated this past Spring, she'd been going back and forth from the fantasy world of fashion to the life of a Midwestern high school kid. LIFE.com and photographer Gabrielle Revere followed Karlie backstage to Paris couture week, back to her childhood bedroom, and around New York City for a special Fashion Week feature.

The magazine notes that while she's landed coveted campaigns and worked all over the world, Karlie still brings homemade cookies to the crew at photo shoots and travels to see her parents and three sisters whenever possible. Of trying to balance her two lives, Karlie explains, "For the last four years, when I'm not working I've been on the first flight home to St. Louis — back in school, nose in the books, or catching up with friends and getting caught up on who's got boyfriends, who's broken up with who, all the silly high school drama that is just part of the experience." Speaking of young-love drama, Karlie's denied dating Joe Jonas.

Unlike recent high school grads, though, Karlie has the pressure of a full-time international career. Based on what she told LIFE, she's up for it: "You're kind of like a chameleon — you take on the energy and the spirit of the collection and the show, and you get to become part of the designer's vision. It's actually a big responsibility. It's a special honor."

Today during New York Fashion Week festivities at Lincoln Center, fashionistas can pick up a special print edition of LIFE, which includes the feature and 34 images of Karlie. Here's a sneak peek, including a look at her prom dress.

Gabrielle Revere/LIFE.com