Jump Hostel, Swedish Hostel Sets Up in 747 Jet

First Class Upgrade? Swedish Hostel Sets Up in 747 Jet

Next time you jet over Stockholm, Sweden you may consider spending the night at Jumbo Hostel, an old Pan Am jumbo jet that has been converted into a hostel. Economy class beds go for $40 a night. For that price you get to share a room, flat screen TV, and luggage compartment with two other friendly flyers sleepers.

If you're the type of person that can never sleep on an airplane, you might want to upgrade to the more spacious cockpit, which goes for $420 a night and offers a panoramic view of the airport. As for the overall experience, a spokesperson for Jumbo Hostel told me that "the reaction from our guest have been 99.9% positive," and that the onboard atmosphere is "very tranquil."

Would you stay in this novel hostel? If you can't get on a real plane to Sweden you may be in luck — the company will expand with a franchise program starting this year. Sleeping pills and eye cover not included.