Jonah Hill Oscars Mom

Oscar Date 411: Jonah Hill

Oscar Date 411: Jonah Hill

Aw. Oscar nominee Jonah Hill brought his mom, costume designer and fashion stylist Sharon Lyn, as his date tonight! Jonah has shared sweet words about both his parents in the past. On Letterman recently, he said his parents were supportive of his career choice. But he also told a funny story about his mom, whom he says has "gotten a little carried away with the pride in her son's success." Jonah said, "My mom saw Woody Allen. Walked up to Woody Allen, one of my all-time heroes. And said, 'Hi Woody, nice to see you. I'm Jonah Hill's mom.'" If she loves meeting stars, she's hit the jackpot tonight! Here are some shots of the mother-son duo tonight.

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