Jackie Kennedy Tapes

What Did Jackie Kennedy Really Think About Her Contemporaries?

What Did Jackie Kennedy Really Think About Her Contemporaries?

Forty-seven years ago, a freshly widowed Jackie Kennedy sat down to record an interview with historian and Kennedy confidant Arthur Schlesinger Jr. On Wednesday, the interview now titled Jacqueline Kennedy: Historic Conversations on Life with John F. Kennedy, will be released. In recent days, some excerpts from the conversations, which are sprinkled with sounds of matches being struck or little Caroline and John Jr. coming and going, have emerged.

On the tapes, the former first lady said John F. Kennedy "so obviously demanded from a woman a relationship between a man and a woman where a man would be the leader and a woman be his wife and look up to him as a man," but she also said she was happy her husband was proud of her and never saw a reason to form a policy opinion. Jackie did, however, form a few strong opinions about her contemporaries, including Martin Luther King Jr., her sister-in-law Eunice Kennedy Shriver, and French leader Charles de Gualle. Let's take a look at some of the statements she made about these historically significant people in the recording made a year after JFK's assassination.

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