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I Found My Mom's Goodie Drawer

I Found My Mom's Goodie Drawer

Dear Sugar
A few months ago while looking for something in my Mother's room, I stumbled upon a small bag that contained 2 vibrators. AHH! My mother is a single woman and hasn't dated anybody (to my knowledge) since she and my Father got divorced several years ago. I can understand why she has the sex toys, however, since finding them; I've been really grossed out. I feel like it's not normal for a Mom with a child living at home to have them and don't think they are things my friends' parents' would own. It's really strange knowing about her secret. What should I do? Troubled Teen

Dear Troubled Teen
While I sympathize with your shocking findings - I hope you've learned your lesson. That's what you get for snooping! If you can't handle the truth then don't go looking where you're not supposed to. Big whoop - so your Mom masturbates. You will too if you haven't begun already. Whatever you do, don't approach your Mother about it; frankly it's none of your business and it will only embarrass the both of you. It's time to show some maturity and take this one to the grave. I suggest writing in a journal if you really need to vent. It's not appropriate for you to be blabbing this to your buddies, so show some maturity and respect Mom's privacy.


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