I Don't Know If He's My Friend or More

"I Don't Understand My Friendship With My Ex"

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An ex-boyfriend and I have agreed that we are disastrous at dating each other, and after three failed attempts, we swore it off — and we make wonderful friends. We can tell each other anything, and our families never really stopped talking to the ex. There are no insinuations from either side, but they know we're friends. After our last few breakups, we stopped talking for years until the deaths of his grandmother and his friend brought us back together. Despite the years, it was like no time had passed, and we picked up right where we left off in the friendship.

Admittedly, our friendship is an odd one that is often misunderstood by many, including our own significant others who see deeper feelings that don't actually exist. At his ex-fiancée's insistence, we stopped being friends because she thought we were in love and didn't appreciate the challenge to her relationship. At that point, it had been three years since we split, and we were both seeing other people. Despite promising her that nothing would happen, we split amicably and resumed the friendship when they called off the marriage because she was unfaithful.

Realizing that we'd walked back into each other's lives for the 20th time after a split, we are now questioning why. Could it be that we're just compatible as friends?

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