How to Tell If Someone's Proposing an Affair

Group Therapy: Is My Friend's Husband Proposing an Affair?

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So, I'm visiting a friend abroad, and her husband and I met once and chatted online once but the conversation always turns into flirting. I'm not really sure if he's telling the truth or just playing. How do I know if he's just playing or he's serious?

When I mentioned that "I'm excited to go to Spain because of the Spaniards" he said "Spaniards, how about me?" I laughed it off. He told his wife that upon meeting me once he found me really attractive and sexy and that if he weren't married he would definitely take me out.  

The thing is, I'm also attracted to him but we're both married. We are joking that we should do something when I get there, now is he still playing or is he serious?  What to do?

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