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Amy and Mark's Earthy, Laid-Back Big Day

Amy and Mark's Earthy, Laid-Back Big Day

If your dream wedding is a big outdoor party, you're going to want to learn a thing or two from Amy and Mark's nature-filled nuptials. Photographer Evangeline Lane shared this beautiful Vermont wedding that proves you can throw a party to remember without a lot of fuss and stress if you focus on a few key elements.

The stars aligned when Amy, who hails from Vermont, and Mark, who grew up in Oregon, met in San Francisco when they happened to work around the corner from each other. Mark won Amy over with Americanos, and she found him "just dreamy." Six years later, on Earth Day, the pair were hiking on the Old Salmon River near Mt. Hood, OR, when they shared a granola bar, and Mark asked Amy if she would share her life with him. She said yes.

Amy described her theme and vision for their big day, "Our wedding was laid-back, full of family and fun. We didn't really have a theme other than finding a beautiful outdoor venue, lots of color, and keeping things simple. Our main goal was to have a kick-ass ceremony, great music, and plenty to drink. It was a huge joint effort with friends and family all pitching in to pull off an awesome party."

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Photos by Evangeline Lane Photography