How Birth Order Affects Your Personality

Birth Place: The Birth Order-Personality Connection

Birth Place: The Birth Order-Personality Connection

Most psychologists say there's no significant correlation between birth order and personality because it's impossible to control other variables, like a family's financial status, age differences, natural temperaments, marriage quality of parents, gender, and other endless factors. Still, they're as irresistible as horoscopes.

We look to birth order not only because it's definite and measurable, but also because we see evidence of its effects in nearly every family we examine. Who hasn't known an overachieving firstborn; the charming, freedom-loving baby of the family; and a forlorn, sensitive middle child. We could name someone who defies their birth-order personality, but they may be the exception. So with the help of celebrities, let's go over who's who and see if your birth order suits you.

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