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The How-To Lounge: Being Single on New Year's Eve

The How-To Lounge: Being Single on New Year's Eve

Some people get bummed out if they're single on New Year's Eve and have no one to kiss at midnight. But this holiday is about way more than who you lock lips with when the ball drops. For some tips on how to enjoy New Year's as a single and fabulous woman, click here to read more.

  • New Year's is all about getting dressed up and celebrating the end of the year with the people you love, so try not to get too fixated on what you'll do come midnight.
  • If you're single, make plans with other single friends so you don't feel like the odd woman out.
  • I'm sure you will have a plethora of parties to choose from come Dec. 31, so go to the one where most of your friends will be.
  • As soon as the countdown starts, make sure to be surrounded by your friends. The best part about going to a big party is being able to celebrate with everyone, so hug and kiss all of your friends when the clock strikes midnight.
  • If you get lucky, or just tired, be sure to tell you're friends if you leave the party so someone knows where you are.

I hope these tips help you this New Year's. For the record, I have had my best New Year's Eves when I was single, just dancing and having fun, so I recommend doing the same! Be safe, don't drink and drive, and Happy New Year!



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