Hot Guys in Glasses

Four-Eyed and Fine: Hot Guys In Glasses

Four-Eyed and Fine: Hot Guys In Glasses

School's back in session, and it's got us reminiscing about school crushes and unrequited first loves. While it was easy to fall for the star football player or class clown, the guys who really got us swooning back in the day were the shy geeks — or those hot, young substitute teachers — who always had their noses in a book. This is probably why the crisp arrival of Fall makes sexy guys in specs all the more appealing.

Whether they're sporting a sleek red-carpet suit or a casual, laid-back ensemble, these famous men know how to make glasses suit their styles. Hot stars like Jon Hamm and Matt Bomer channel a smart vibe with their four-eyed looks, and even sporty fellas like Ryan Lochte show their studiously sexy side with specs. So get in the back-to-school spirit with this roundup of our favorite guys wearing glasses!

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