Homosexuality on Mad Men: Does Sal's Wife Know He's Gay?

Mad Men: Does Kitty Realize Her Husband Sal Is Gay?

If you watch Mad Men, you know Sterling Cooper's art director, Salvatore Romano, is gay. Whether or not he knows remains unclear, but that near-tryst with the bell boy should have helped clarify! Meanwhile his wife, Kitty, lives in semi-blissful ignorance — at least until Sunday's episode.

To prove his lackluster libido is really the side effect of work stress, Sal imitates the commercial he's shooting the next day. It features a blond beauty who sings and swings across the screen like a teenager. Big mistake! His wrists go limp, like they've been tied in cuff links too long (they have), and his pajamas become a makeshift dress. He fans the collar while running back and forth with schoolgirl hurry. The scene is long and painful, but not as excruciating as the wide-eyed Kitty as her face goes from uneasy intrigue to queasy realization.

But what does she realize? I doubt a 1960s housewife could spot and articulate homosexuality. Yet between the camera lingering on her face and Mad Men's aversion to sloppiness, something meaningful is set up. Was it a moment of truth? Confusion? Or, a jolt of unfamiliarity — the seismic shakeup we've all had when a significant other shows us we have no idea who they really are?

Source: AMC