Hillary Clinton Pictures Around the World

Take a Trip Around the World With Hillary Clinton

Take a Trip Around the World With Hillary Clinton

It was the end of an era when Hillary Clinton signed off as secretary of state in February after four years in the position and 20 years of national service, including being a first lady, presidential candidate, and New York senator. But Hillary hasn't completely retreated from the public eye. She took part in this week's Vital Voices Global Awards, which honored female leaders from around the world, and now there's news that she's writing a book. Hillary's memoir and policy book about her years as secretary of state is expected to be out in 2014.

The legacy Hillary leaves behind is impressive, as she's the most traveled secretary of state in history with 112 countries visited during her tenure — that's 112 out of 196! More impressive numbers include 401 travel days, a total 956,733 miles traveled, and almost 87 days' worth of travel time.

We're still waiting to see if Hillary will run in 2016, but as she enjoys a much-needed break from her globe-trotting days as secretary of state, we're taking a look back at her sweetest, funniest, and all-around best moments around the world!

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