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Witchy Wisdom From Harry Potter Heroines and Villainesses

Witchy Wisdom From Harry Potter Heroines and Villainesses

Happy birthday, J.K. Rowling! Even though the British author has concluded her Harry Potter book and film series, she still has a lot to celebrate on her 47th birthday. J.K. Rowling participated in the Olympics opening ceremony, and her infamous villain Voldemort had a starring role in the production. We're also eagerly awaiting her novel for adults The Casual Vacancy, which is out in September.

With her real-life story of rags to riches, J.K is truly an inspiring role model for girls and women aspiring for greatness. But it's also the characters she's created who have made an impact over the years. J.K. has created strong, smart, and complex ladies for the Harry Potter franchise who have some of the best one-liners. In honor of her birthday — which she shares with her boy wizard character, Harry Potter — let's look back at the other life advice uttered from the good, the bad, and the psycho witches of the Harry Potter books and films (including Molly Weasley's infamous foulmouthed line!).


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