Harvey Milk Day — Would You Support It?

If you didn't grow up in San Francisco, and maybe if you did, you might not have heard of slain gay-rights activist Harvey Milk until Milk hit theaters last year. Sean Penn, who won the Oscar for his portrayal of the nation's first openly gay person elected to major office, wants to continue promoting Milk's legacy. Yesterday in SF, Sean teamed up with state Senator Mark Leno to announce legislation creating a Harvey Milk Day in California.

May 22 wouldn't be a holiday, but it would be an occasion for teachers to talk about how the San Francisco supervisor fought for equal rights. The bill says that it would be "a day of special significance in California," in which public schools would be encouraged "to conduct suitable commemorative exercises on Harvey Milk's life and his contributions to the state."

Fellow-actor Gov. Schwarzenegger vetoed a bill similar to the one supported by Penn last year. Do you think the governor should support it?

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