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Girls Season 2 Premiere: Sad Karaoke and Bisexual Hookups

Girls Season 2 Premiere: Sad Karaoke and Bisexual Hookups

Last night, as Lena Dunham and her fellow Girls costars were celebrating their two Golden Globe wins — best TV series and best TV actress in a musical or comedy — the second season of the show was premiering on HBO. The funny, smart, and revealing show (in more ways than one), doesn't shy away from controversial sex and relationship topics, so we were happy to see its second season continue to push boundaries. Girls tackled abortion, HPV, and virginity in its first season, and last night we saw Hannah, Marnie, Shoshanna, and, briefly, Jessa, face new challenges in their relationships.

When we meet up with the Girls girls, Hannah is "dating," or rather, sleeping with, a black Republican college student, Sandy — played by Community's Donald Glover. She's also taking care of her post-truck-accident Adam, who doesn't know she's dating someone and kinda-sorta thinks they're still together. To further complicate matters, Hannah's living with and spooning her gay ex, Elijah. Except Elijah turns out to be bisexual, and hooks up with Marnie at the housewarming party he and Hannah throw. To be fair, poor Marnie was a bit emotionally unstable after getting fired and seeing her own ex-boyfriend, Charlie, with his new flame at the party. But the real star of the premiere is Shoshanna, who's trying to stay positive and be confident in her postvirginity state after the deflowerer himself, Ray, dumps her and then also attends the housewarming party from hell. Lastly, we get a quick look at newlyweds Thomas-John and Jessa, who appear to be getting back from their honeymoon. When they grab a taxi, Jessa starts cracking up at the fact that their courtship was so brief she doesn't even know what address to give the cab driver. But alas, they do seem to be blissfully happy (and horny).

We've rounded up the best lines on love, sex, sexual orientation, and more from the Girls season two premiere. Check them out now and tell us in the comments what you thought of the episode!

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