GiggleSugar Reader Spotlight: XDeexDeeX

The GiggleSugar spotlight shines this week on one of our most loyal and prolific readers, 8th grader XDeexDeeX, a native Oregonian now living in France. She loves animals, candy, and (bien sur!) GiggleSugar! Be sure to check out the gallery of images at the end of the interview.

GS: What is your motto?
DD: O.K yes this may seem extremely weird but my motto is "We always serve the customer." It's kind of like when you meet someone no matter how mean or annoying they seem, you still serve them no matter what. It kind of leads to when you have really mean people in your class that are just rude or stubborn but you still are nice to them. It's as if you're serving them.

GS:Where are you from? DD:I'm from the ol' hick town of Portland, Oregon but currently I live in France.

GS: What do you do? DD: Well mostly just going to school :P (which takes up over half of my year..pfff). I'm in the 8th grade right now so I don't have a job or anything. :P

GS: How would you describe your sense of humor? DD: I take after my dad so I'm funnier than I seem but I can't call myself someone who would crack up a friend in a second. But that doesn't give me any reason to not be on GiggleSugar! (GS: I agree!) No talking needed really. Just looking and laughing. hehe

GS: What's your favorite GiggleSugar post? DD: Oh Oh Oh!! I really loved Will Ferrell In "The Landlord". But there are sooo many that I thought were hilarious. Mostly the "Family Guy" ones too. :-}

GS: Who's the cutest funny man and woman? DD: Ooo definitely Will Ferrell! He's so cute when he's funny. Unlike some people :P hehe. And funny woman would probably be Drew Barrymore. Luv her.

GS: Who are your favorite comedians? DD: Will Ferrell! (I know that's a big suprise. ;) ) David Spade, Adam Sandler, Jim Carrey.

GS: What's your favorite comedy? DD: (O.K I know that I'm so obsessed with Will Ferrell. And it's probably getting tiring that I've been mentioning him four posts in a row. But just hold on! It's almost over! lol)
I really love Elf, 50 First Dates, Tommy Boy, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, Ace Ventura, Dick and Jane, Napolean Dynamite (who isn't obsessed with it? lol), Spanglish and A LOT MORE. Trust me---I watch way too many movies. :P

GS: If your life were a comedy, what would it be? DD: Hard to explain but I think it would be really HYPER!! Where everyone gets hyped on coke and candy! O.K...It doesn't really make sense but I think my comedy would definitely be Hyper. (As you can see it IS hard to explain. :P)

GS: Do you ever get told you look like someone famous? DD: Most days I just look like myself. I'm sure there's someone out there. lol

Free-for-all. A little about me: I'm Jordan. Dee Dee is my nickname since I was a baby. (My brother couldn't say baby so he called me DeeDee. :-} yup.) I love animals and have had 11 cats, 3 mice and a rabbit in my whole life. I live in France because I'm a missionary but am moving back to Oregon this summer. I love music and I love to sing.

GS: When are you online for other readers to chat with? DD: Well since there's 9 hour difference between Oregon and France I usually am not on when most of the members on here are on but in some places it's only a 6 hour difference. If you come on in the morning you'll certainly catch me online.

GS: Thanks, XDeexDeeX!





Xdee cat







(DeeDee, kitty cat, bunny, Will Ferrell, Drew Barrymore, David Spade, Adam Sandler, Jim Carrey)



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