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GiggleSugar Reader Spotlight: Schaianne

It's that time again, readers. It's "get to know your fellow GiggleSugar readers" time! Meet Schaianne, Emergency/911 dispatcher by day, married step-mom and Sugar sites addict by night! (Okay, I'm exaggerating, and I don't know her shifts!!) Man, with a job like that, no wonder she needs to stop by GiggleSugar and look at cute animals and weird pics!

GS: What's your motto?
Schaianne: "Do unto others as you'd have done unto you" basically. Other than that … I'd say "Life's full of idiots – try to steer clear!" - myself NOT included, of course! LOL ;)

GS: Where are you from?
Schaianne: Long story short : I was born in Friedburg, W Germany but live in Virginia now. I grew up an Army Brat, if that explains it. Maybe one day I can convince hubby to move, but looks like we'll be here a good long time. Ehhh, not a BAD thing, I guess. ;)

GS: What do you do?
Schaianne: As in work related? I am an Emergency/911 dispatcher at my local sheriff's office. I have been dispatching for about 7 years total now. I routinely deal with fire departments, rescue squads, police/sheriff, game warden, animal control, jails, after-hours electric/water, Social Services, and, well, you name it. As you can imagine, the stress of this job gets to you sometimes and that's one reason I love my Sugar sites!! They provide some well needed respite from the seriousness and aggravation of my job! I'm also a part time stepmother - well, it's never JUST part-time, y'know ... she's always in my thoughts and plans even if she's not here physically. I think it's one of the hardest job ever!

GS: How would you describe your sense of humor?
Schaianne: Hmm, according to my partner here at work … lacking, haha! Seriously, strange & twisted I'd have to say. I find a lot of stuff funny that most people don't , thanks to being a dispatcher for 7.5 years – it's our defense mechanism. By the same token, though, I cringe while watching "America's Funniest Videos" and the like. People getting hurt usually just makes me think of dispatching squads to them. I'll find stuff funny at work that outside of work I wouldn't.

GS: What's your favorite GiggleSugar post?
Schaianne: Hmm, too hard to choose just one – but I like the WTF?! posts best.

GS: Who's the cutest funny man and funny woman?
Schaianne: Ummm, Michael Keaton and Brett Butler, I guess. I've never really thought of it.

GS: Who are your favorite male and female comedians?
Schaianne: (Wow, super hard questions here … so difficult to choose! There are so many great comedians out there!) Gene Wilder and Lily Tomlin are way up there, in my opinion.

GS: What's your favorite comedy of all time?
Schaianne: I love A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum. It's older, kitschy, and gasp--a musical! It's hilarious!! I have to thank Mr. Winn, my high school Latin teacher, for introducing me to it! (I don't like many of today's comedies – Napoleon Dynamite did NOTHING for me.) As for favorite comedy show, I LOVE "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" Those guys are GREAT!

GS: If your life were a comedy, what would it be?
Schaianne: Probably "Grace Under Fire."

GS: Do you look like someone famous?
Schaianne: I don't think so. No one's told me so, anyway.

Schaianne's Free For All: Well, I'm 35 years old (will be 36 in Sept!!) and I've been married 18 years. Family and God mean everything to me, which doesn't coincide with what my job demands at times. I dislike conflict but WILL cause waves if I feel no one else is going to stand up. I'm half German and therefore am very opinionated and a bit of a perfectionist! ;) I have recently learned to say "NO" … wow, now to learn not to feel so guilty when I say that, haha! All in all, I'm pretty laid back … just don't mess with one of "mine" – then I'm a momma bear! Lastly, I LOVE to laugh. I think laughter is one of God's greatest gifts to us! One reason hubby and I have stayed married as long as we have is his ability to make me laugh … even when I don't WANT to, haha. He's the best! And, thanks for taking an interest in little, ole me.

Thanks, Schaianne!






(Schaianne looking pensive, Gene Wilder, Brett Butler, Michael Keaton, and Lily Tomlin)


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