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GiggleSugar Reader Spotlight: Rubialala

Witty, wise, and well-rounded, Rubialala sounds like one sweet person! I love to see her cute avatar pop up in our comments section and welcomed the opportunity to get to know her better. I think you'll like her, too, and make sure you look at her pictures in the gallery after the interview.

GS: What is your motto?
RL: I don’t have a motto, but I looked some up online and if I did have one, it would probably be one of these: "The problem with instant gratification is that it takes too long" and "I try to keep an open mind, but not so open my brains fall out."

GS: Where are you from?
RL: I have lived in Stockton, CA for 15 years. We tried to escape to Michigan last year, but we didn’t put our house up for sale in time before the dive in the market. The summers are too hot and the winters aren’t cold enough. One day we’ll live in the snow.

GS: What do you do?
RL: I am a mommy to the CUTEST 4 year old boy and the wife to a wonderful man. During the week, though, from 8-5, I'm an Administrative Assistant. I work for *the* major developer in the area, specifically in property management (commercial, retail, mixed use). However, the company does a variety of other things, including build master planned communities.

GS: How would you describe your sense of humor?
RL: Sarcastic and silly.

GS: What's your favorite GiggleSugar post?
RL: I love animal humor, especially cat humor, so I can read/see/watch all of the cat posts/pictures/videos over and over again and never get tired of it! (GS: I love to hear that GS's cat-centricty isn't alienating everyone!)

GS: Who is the cutest funny man and funny woman?
RL: Jim Carrey is a hottie, but only more recently. I wasn’t into his Pet Detective look. Sarah Silverman, she is a classic beauty.

GS: Who are your favorite male and female comedians?
RL: For male comedians, Robin Williams. He has the most incredible comic mind ever. Seriously. I love watching him on "Inside the Actors Studio" and on talk shows like Letterman. The way he just creates and becomes these characters and embraces them so fully is fascinating. For female comedians, Kathy Griffin. I love how she is totally honest and doesn’t care what others think of her.

GS: What's your favorite comedy of all time?
RL:A tie between 40 Year Old Virgin and Old School.
"You know how I know you’re gay? You like Coldplay.”
“True love is hard to find, sometimes you think you have true love and then you catch the early flight home from San Diego and a couple of nude people jump out of your bathroom blindfolded like a g**damn magic show ready to double team your girlfriend…”
:ROTFL: You just can’t beat that kind of humor!!!

GS: If your life were a comedy, what would it be?
RL:I thought it might be a romantic comedy because I’m such a sucker for romance. But I think I really identify with Christmas Vacation. My family and my husband’s family are filled with characters and holiday gatherings can be very humorous.

GS: Do you look like someone famous?
RL: You tell me! I have been told Jenna Elfman and one time Kat Foster but I think it was more the personality of her character on ‘Til Death.

Rubialala free for all: You know, I just like to be silly and have fun. Laughing is too much fun to not do it every day.

I was raised to believe that I was part of this perfect family with no problems. Obviously, that was not true and it was very disabling to realize that as an adult. I want to teach my son to embrace what being a human is really about – change, dysfunction, imperfection. And I plan on teaching by example! And by accepting him for exactly who he is, not trying to get him to believe he is something he’s not. (GS: That's such a great parenting philosophy! Right on!)

I love to surprise people by telling them how long I have been married (8 years in July - we’ve been together for 10 years), and also telling them that I have a 4 year old son. The usual reaction is that I couldn’t possibly be old enough for all of that. Which I just love to hear!

GS: Thanks Rubialala!








(Rubialala and her cute son, RL and her main men, RL and cutie play bumper cars, Jim Carrey, Sarah Silverman, Robin Williams, Kathy Griffin)

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