GiggleSugar Reader Spotlight: Maggie Mae

Don't let the skull and crossbones avatar fool you, Maggie Mae isn't that tough. This top-talker is a relatively recent GiggleSugar reader, but she's making up for lost time. Without further ado, Maggie Mae in her own words! (Don't forget to check out images in the gallery after the interview!)

GS: What's your motto?
MM: Don't drink the Kool-Aid. It's good because "Kool-Aid" can mean so many things. It's appropriate more times than you would think!

GS: Where are you from?
MM: Originally I am from a small town in Texas, but I moved to the DC area to go to college. I stayed for grad school, where I met my hubby. He's from DC, so we decided to stay.

GS: What do you do?
MM: I am an attorney at a pharmaceutical consulting firm. I manage, write and review all the contracts we do with big pharmaceutical companies. sounds very serious when I write it down like that! I love my job, it can actually be a lot of fun. Have I mentioned I have an international paper clip collection?

GS: How would you describe your sense of humor?
MM: It can be dark and twisty, but I also see a lot of humor in the every day stuff that happens around me. I can really relate to Will Ferrell's comedy--especially after reading an article about his writing process. He says he writes most of his comedy based on the "unearned confidence man"--the guy who's really cool and cocky with no business being that way. I guess I see a lot of that in DC, so I really appreciate the humor in it.

GS: What's your favorite GiggleSugar post of all time?
MM: The Japanese clip with the swan suit guy at the party. (GS: Be sure to check out the pic of that swan toy attached to me!)I love the Japanese, they seem like they have such a sense of humor.

GS: Your least?
MM: When someone b*tches at Giggle. Come on people, lighten up! That's why you are reading a comedy page! It's a horse, and it dances. Seriously.

GS: Who's the cutest funny man and woman?
MM: Cutest funny man: it's a tie between Luke and Owen Wilson. They're brothers, don't make me choose. It could break one of their hearts. Cutest funny lady: Tina Fey. I love her. She brought back the sexy/funny geek in all of us.

GS: Favorite male and female comedian?
MM:Will Ferrell and Molly Shannon.

GS: What's your favorite comedy of all time?
MM: Hands down the Blues Brothers. Dan Aykroyd and Jon Belushi? Awesome. Dancing and singing with Aretha Franklin and Ray Charles? Awesome. Carrie Fisher toting a missile launcher trying to get back at her ex who left her at the altar? Hilarious.

GS: If your life were a comedy, what would it be?
MM: Probably a "noir" or darker version Seinfeld, based in DC. No laugh track.

GS: Do you ever get told you look like someone?
When I was about 11 a boy told me I looked like Chelsea Clinton (!) But since then I mostly get Kate Winslet. Although, I did run the "who do you look like" program online where you upload your picture and I got Queen Rania. Innnteresting.

Maggie Mae's Free For All: If you need a laugh, catsthatlooklikehitler will do it every time. (GS: When you're done with GiggleSugar, of course!) And I don't want any hate messages now for posting that, OK? I'm not endorsing Hitler, just cats that look like Hitler. Or "Kitlers" as we call them.

GS: When are other GiggleSugar readers free to chat with you?
MM: Whenever! Hit me up.

GS: Thanks, Maggie Mae!



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