GiggleSugar Reader Spotlight: Jennifer76

Jennifer76 has been a loyal GiggleSugar fan since the beginning. She's smart, funny and cute as a button. Let's hear what she has to say! And don't forget to look at her pics in the gallery!

GS: What’s your motto?
J76: Make it happen, Cap’n. (Nothing comes to those who wait!)

GS: Where are you from?
J76: Equal parts Hawaii and Oregon.

GS: What do you do?
J76: Change dirty diapers, blow runny noses and fix a never-ending cycle of snacks and meals. It’s a glamorous life. :P No, I have two beautiful children whom I stay home with. And, I tutor algebra online in the evenings.

GS: How would you describe your sense of humor?
J76: I’m not sure how to describe it, so I’ll just list some of the things that make me laugh. The Office really gets me going. (That’s what she said!) I adore British comedies and deadpan deliveries.

GS: What’s your favorite GiggleSugar post?
J76: My favorite *recent* post is Teenage Drama is So OMG. That is one funny boy.

GS: Who’s the cutest funny man and funny woman?
J76: I don’t think there’s any denying that David Cross is a hot piece of funny man meat. And our very own Toronado is one cute Canadienne comedienne!

GS: Who are your favorite male and female comedians?
J76: I’ve always loved Dennis Miller and Beth Littleford.

GS: What’s your favorite comedy of all time?
J76: I don’t know if it counts as a *comedy*, but Freeway is one that makes me laugh out loud every time I see it!

GS: If your life were a comedy, what would it be?
J76: There’d be a lot of slapstick humor with tripping and falling and acute minor injuries - I’m pretty clumsy. True story.

GS: Do you look like someone famous?
J76: People argue about whether I look more like Jessica Alba or Angelina Jolie. I should arrange a death match. :rotfl:

GS: Free for all (say anything about yourself you would like to here)
J76: Thanks for letting me tell my story! It had to be told.

GS: Thanks, Jennifer76!





(Jennifer76 and her son known around the house as "Little Man," David Cross, Dennis Miller, Beth Littleford)



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