GiggleSugar Reader Spotlight: Ashlyn Rose

Ashlyn Rose is a little bit snarky and a little bit sweetheart — so natch she's a fan of Giggle! Hey, lady, back atcha!

GS: What’s your motto?
AR: "Eat it, Lick it, Snort it, F*** it." Just kidding, I stole that from Britney. But I would say my motto is "Eat when you're hungry, sleep when you're tired, be nice to others, and try not to complain."

GS: Where are you from?
AS: I'm from Terre Haute, Indiana. Steve Martin once said it was "the armpit of America." He was probably right.

GS: What do you do?
AR: I'm currently a student at Indiana University in Bloomington where I'm majoring in speech-language pathology and psychology. I also work at a bakery where I sell cookies and decorate cakes.

GS: How would you describe your sense of humor?
AR: Intelligent, quick witted, and a little dirty.

GS: What’s your favorite GiggleSugar post?
AR: I love the really bad tattoo posts! I still laugh when I think about "I'M GONNA KILL YOU RAY ROMANO," In all fairness, Ray has it coming. I swear, Everybody Loves Raymond just uses that laugh track to make the audience think it's funny. It really isn't.

GS: Who’s the cutest funny man and funny woman?
AR: Well, best-looking funny woman is obviously myself. But seriously, I'd say Ryan Reynolds. He's been in a few good comedies but his utter hotness makes up for the dramas and action movies he's done lately. Demetri Martin is a close second. For the ladies, I'd say Tina Fey.

GS: Who are your favorite male and female comedians?
AR: Dave Chappelle is my favorite male. There was a time when every college male thought quoting Dave Chappelle was the funniest thing in the world, so there was a period when Dave Chappelle felt really annoying to me. Thank goodness that time has passed. Ellen DeGeneres is my favorite funny lady.

GS: What’s your favorite comedy of all time?
AR: Mean Girls, definitely. 'If you're from Africa, why are you white?" How could you not love that one?

GS: If your life were a comedy, what would it be?
AR: Hopefully not Mean Girls. My life isn't too exciting right now, so I'm just gonna say that if my life could be like any comedy, I would pick The Princess Bride.

GS: Do you look like someone famous?
AR: A drunk guy at a party once told me I looked like "Sandra Jessica Parker." I'm not really sure about that one. I've been told that I look like Michelle Branch, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Maggie Q before.

AR free-for-all: My name is Ashlyn and I'm 22-years-old. I have a dog, Milo Moonshine, who I sent in my very favorite picture of. He's a little crazy but I love him. I spend most of my time in class, at work, studying, or sleeping so I don't have much free time right now. When I do have free time I like to play video games (love my DS!) and watch TV (love Grey's Anatomy, Heroes, Lost, and Project Runway). I'm interested in fashion and crafty stuff (I had a Hobby Lobby addiction for a while but I think I'm over it). When I graduate from school I'd like to do speech therapy with children.

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