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GiggleSugar Exclusive! Product of the Day: Ann Coulter Toilet Paper

I think I speak for most people (no matter what their politics), when I say that Ann Coulter just needs to shut her pie hole. Her hate speech, poorly disguised as political commentary or "jokes," should get no more attention from mainstream media. C'mon now--Coulter's not serious enough to be a political commentator and not funny enough to be a comedian. Since it's unlikely she's going away as long as we take her seriously, I say we should stop talking back--and start wiping.

That's why it's with great pleasure that I introduce you to X-Wipes' new edition to their printed TP family: Ann Coulter toilet paper. Coulter's made a mess of political discourse with her verbal diarrhea, and we the people need to clean it up. The medium is the message! Available for purchase on April Fool's Day, so get your own roll soon and wipe back!



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