Gifts For Romantics 2012

Novel Ideas: Romantic Gifts For the Jane Austen Fan

Novel Ideas: Romantic Gifts For the Jane Austen Fan

Today Jane Austen's classic romance novel Pride and Prejudice turns 200 years old! And it's not just the anniversary of the book's publication that has Jane on the brain; the Keri Russell film Austenland — based on the Shannon Hale book of the same name — just premiered at Sundance last week.

For hopeless romantics, no novelist captures the dramatic, passionate love story quite like Jane Austen. Know someone who can't get enough of her witty, spirited characters? We've rounded up a variety of fun, creative gift options for the Austen fans in your life. Vintage-inspired beauty products, letter-writing essentials, and items inspired by Austen's most famous works will bring romance to your pal's every day. Take a look at our favorite gift options for Austen fans!


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