First of Brad Pitt's Make It Right Houses Done in New Orleans

First of Brad Pitt's Make It Right Houses Done in New Orleans

Three years after Hurricane Katrina, the first homes built in by Brad Pitt's Make It Right rebuilding project are complete. Touring the building site in the Lower 9th Ward with Angelina and kids in tow this week, one ecstatic grandmother gave Brad a huge hug. She said of her new electric yellow house, "Honey, this is like heaven on earth." She'll be moving into the house with five of her 22 grandkids later this month.

In all, 150 homes will be built on the site destroyed by the broken levees. Six of the homes are near completed and the happy grandma says, "I thank God for Brad Pitt. I gave him a big hug, and I told him how much I appreciate all that he's done for me and my family." The houses cost about $150,000, are built on property still owned by residents, and their monthly payments are based on income and subsidized by Make It Right.

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Brad's Make It Right project was sparked by his dismay that there was no clear plan to address the situation in the Katrina devastated Lower 9th Ward. Consumed by doubt that the area would ever be rebuilt, the residents of the Lower 9th met with Brad and discussed while the terrible crisis had exposed their vulnerability, it created an opportunity: to build something better than what had existed before. The Make It Right Project seeks to do just that.