Female Presidents

Meet the Women Who Rule the World

Meet the Women Who Rule the World

Tomorrow is Australian prime minister Julia Gillard's 51st birthday, and the PM has been spending the days leading up to her birthday in the US. She made her first address to a full house at the United Nations General Assembly in New York this week, as she's attempting to bid for a UN Security Council seat. She and her hairdresser partner, Tim Mathieson, also took a break from her business duties to visit the memorial at Ground Zero. Julia's not the only female world leader in the news recently. Argentine president Cristina Fernandez is in hot water for somewhat dismissive comments she made while answering questions at Harvard University last night.

No matter what side you're on this election season, there's probably something we can all agree on: it would be nice to see a woman reach America's highest office. Ever since George Washington took office in 1789, the presidency has remained a boys club. We're still hopeful, though, that a female US president is in our near future, thanks in big part to all the women world leaders who've led the way. These female heads of state and government, who've been elected in recent years in countries like Germany, Jamaica, Australia, Thailand, and Argentina, are paving the road for America. If those countries can do it, why can't we? Learn more about the women ruling the world now.

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