Felt Heart Something Blue DIY

A Something Blue DIY You Can Use After the Wedding

A Something Blue DIY You Can Use After the Wedding

What's your something blue? At the Something Blue wedding event in San Francisco, I helped judge a design challenge that required participants to create budget-friendly something-blue DIY kits using materials from The Makery in Los Altos, CA (although you can re-create them using supplies from any craft store). The winning kit was from Katie Rebecca Events, who is sharing her DIY breakdown below! And check out the other projects here. Katie shares the DIY:

"We really wanted to think outside the box on this one, and we wanted to make sure it was something that had the option of being used again! In this case we decided a custom-made charm would be great because the options are endless. You can put the charm on anything from bouquets to corsages and boutonnieres, but you can decorate them to fit the person you're giving them to. Monogram it, make flowers out of thread and buttons, or a cute bow made out of lace. To extend the life of the item past your wedding day, fill it with something yummy like lavender or potpourri that can be used to make a drawer smell amazing. Or loop a ribbon at the top and fill it with cotton to make a Christmas ornament memory."

What you'll need:

  • Felt
  • Needle and thread
  • Buttons, stones, gems, or other trinkets
  • Lace, ribbon, or any material you love
  • Filling (if desired) such as cotton, lavender, or potpourri


  1. Make a stencil of the shape and size you would like to create.
  2. Trace your desired shape onto the felt twice since you need two sides, and very carefully cut them out. Felt can be very tricky and move, so take your time or your items will be crooked!
  3. Take your needle and thread and create your design into the top piece of felt. You can make flowers, hearts, or a monogram with the thread, or you can use the ribbon, thread, or fabric to make a bow or other design.
  4. Once you're smitten, it's time to close it up, so take your needle and thread and start closing your heart, working from the top of the heart (where the V meets). If you don't want to fill your item, go ahead and close it all up; if you do want to fill it, leave the very top of the heart open until you fill it with cotton or something that smells amazing, and then close it.

Not only can you use these during your wedding as a something blue charm, but if you do decide to fill them, they can be used to scent a drawer or you can loop some ribbon at the top and it could be used as an ornament for Christmas. So many fun options!

Photos by Anna Marks Photography