Farm Offers Horseback Riding Therapy For Vets with PTSD

A New York farm is offering horseback riding as a form of therapy to veterans suffering from mental and emotional wounds like post-traumatic stress disorder. The farm offers veterans free horseback-riding lessons, as a way for them to relax and take their minds off their memories of war. Participants say the calm helps reduce anxiety.

Seaside Therapeutic Riding says that the horse and human bond is renowned for its healing quality, and that a horse's non-judgmental acceptance allows students, including veterans and disabled adults and children, to learn and to grow. The therapy is popular — the farm currently has a waiting list, and relies on donations to give the experience to more veterans.

The horse riding therapy sounds much more comforting than the Iraq war simulation video game therapy, which calls for prolonged virtual-exposure to the source of the trauma (including smells and sounds). Which idea sounds more promising to you?