Documentaries About Powerful Women

10 Awe-Inspiring Documentaries About Women

10 Awe-Inspiring Documentaries About Women

Last night at the Oscars Undefeated, a story about a football team at an underprivileged high school, took home the Oscar for Best Documentary. If you love learning, chances are you love documentaries. This past Summer we were treated to Gloria in Her Own Words, which chronicled icon Gloria Steinem's eventful life, but there are many more films about the triumphs of women. Some of these films follow women making their way through truly horrific situations, and others are lighter tales of self-made entrepreneurs or proponents of feminist creativity. Each of the women documented is powerful and inspiring in her own right. While I could probably compile a list of a hundred docs about women I admire and love, here are 10 I've recently come across that have made me re-examine the beauty and power of my gender.


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