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Do You Dig TrèsSugar?

Well then digg us!

What is digg exactly? It's a website that lets you submit a story you've found online that you like, and if enough people vote on the story — or "digg" it — it gets promoted to digg's front page and more and more people will read it or watch it.
To find out how to digg, read more

  • Well, first you have to sign up, then login.
  • Click "submit new."
  • Copy and paste the post's URL you want to digg, and click "Continue."
  • Give it a descriptive title (or just copy the post's title) and give it an interesting description (or just copy the TrèsSugar writeup).
  • Choose a category. For example, under "Video" choose "Comedy."
  • Then type in a code they give you, hit submit, and if it hasn't been "dugg" yet, hit submit again!
  • If a TrèsSugar post has already been "dugg," (like this one, for example) just click on "digg" and you've added a vote.

Thanks for your support!


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